GetThe Buzz: 5 Coffee Alternatives for Energy

Image by emurray

Who needs caffeine? Get energized with natural energy sources that won’t reduce you to a shaky, jittery grump. Coffee may be the most popular drug in America, but it can upset your stomach, make you irritable and cause addiction (why do you think it’s so hard  to get it together before hitting the Starbucks every morning?). Coffee also lasts up to eight hours, so it’s a terrible choice in the afternoon or evening. These alternatives will perk you up without the nasty side effects of coffee:

  1. Get Moving. Stand up and take a brisk walk for at least five minutes. Better yet, make it a jog. The movement will get your blood flowing, delivering nutrients to your muscles and your brain. Once you’re done, you’ll feel refreshed and alert, ready to focus on work or play.
  2. Take a long, cool drink of H2O. Dehydration can make you tired — yet another reason why diuretic coffee isn’t the best way to wake up. Sip water throughout the day to combat fatigue, and if you start feeling the afternoon blahs, grab a fog-clearing glass of ice water.
  3. Eat a handful of blueberries. You can practically feel the nutrients in this superfood rushing to your brain as you chew. Not only do the sweet berries have buku vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese, but the sugar spikes your energy. Blueberries also may help your brain for the long haul; research suggests protective properties against Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. Breathe. I know, you’re doing it already. But do it deeply, and close your eyes to focus on each breath. The extra oxygen and mental break will perk you up fast.
  5. Sleep. No, not right now. But get seven to eight hours of sleep every night, even if you don’t think you need it. No amount of caffeine or other stimulant can make up for a poor night’s rest. So skip the late show for a better morning and rest of the day.

Featured image by Dean McCoy

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